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GetMore Sales for your Aftermarket Business We are a net-savvy business development firm, specializing in the performance automotive aftermarket. You can put our skills to work to grow your business. More leads. More customers. Start by calling us at 877-295-4095

Our people can get up to speed on your business right away. Because not only do we have deep sales, marketing and e-commerce expertise - we race, wrench, tune and even bend metal ourselves. So you wont have to wait long to start seeing results.

Put our Proven Performance to Work With speed2marketing as your internet partner, you can concentrate on doing what you do best. Let us help get your business powered up, tuned and up to “net speed”.

Tap the Full Power of the Internet We don’t just build web sites, we build business systems, with emphasis on your corporate website as the core driver. Because like it or not, every aspect of your business will eventually revolve around your website. Think about it. It may already be your classified advertising, your voicemail system, your customer service desk, your catalog, your take-one rack, your focus groups, your conference room and even your mail room.

All this Will Cost a Fortune, Right? Maybe not. We are seeking to invest in web-centric businesses. Maybe yours. Call us - we’d like to hear your story. Maybe we can do business together, so that your upfront investment is considerably lower than you might expect. Call us now at 877-295-4095.

Web Development Considerations

  • What does your website do for you?
    If you have decided to elevate your web business to the next level, you have probably found yourself facing the new frontier of website options, an enormous landscape which on the surface could appear to be sucking you into spending a fortune. Before you leap into any of the expensive website and hosting packages that are being offered by a plethora of operators, you first need to define what it is that your business really needs.

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  • How should you build your site?
    After you have invested days or even weeks of research and thought into determining your website content, who will you going to turn that investment over to? How will you to know if they have done a good job? Is it just an ok-looking website, or could it be more visitor-friendly? Has someone given the appropriate thought about how to improve your searchabiliy? How do you climb up in the search-engine rankings?

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  • Ready to start writing content? Not so fast.
    Once you have decided on a website provider, don’t let them work in the dark. Provide enlightenment, with information about your business, mission statements and directives. Crafting this direction is something that speed2marketing is here to help you with. It is critical work because, unlike traditional marketing the challenge is to marry creativity to searchability.

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  • What should you say on your site?
    The content of your site will be a mixture of videos, articles, parts for sale, pictures of your shop and your people, downloads - you know what you want, but how do you put it together so that it doesn’t come off as a mishmash? That’s where speed2marketing comes in. We will work with you to develop a content plan that includes the right mix of words and pictures.

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  • Sure “flash” is fancy, but is it getting in your way?
    The technique of adding Flash animations to your site is tempting, because it looks so cool, but these devices can get in the way of customer navigation. Think about whether your visitors will sit still through your movie before they can begin to shop and buy. More importantly, Flash animations are not searchable, unless properly created.

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  • What is Google Analytics?
    Google Analytics uses over 80 customizable reports to track you how visitors found your site, see how they explored it, and find out how you can improve their experience. It can be used to track visitors through your site, and keep track of the performance of your marketing campaigns. With this information, you'll be able to see firsthand how keywords are working for your web business, and just think, all this is free!

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